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Commercial Video, Studio and Location Photography

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We are a commercial photography and video studio that’s passionate about creating the perfect images for our clients.

When your company needs beautiful photography that will communicate your brand and speak directly to your customers, ICG Photography can deliver. From creative in-studio to specialized location photography, our team will combine artistic vision with over 15 years of experience to get results that are extraordinary.

And it doesn’t stop there. Our photo retouching department will take a good image and make it great. By working on thousands of images, often in collaboration with our clients, we have developed tricks and tools that produce a final image that’s exceptional. Whether you have a rough prototype that needs to be perfect for a product launch or a design concept that blends images together to create something new, our retouching masters combine artistic talent with experience and technical ability to come up with a creative solution for every challenge.

Located in the Inland Empire, we serve clients in Southern California and the Pacific Northwest.


More than any other medium, video captivates your audience and gives them a glimpse into your brand story in a personal way. In today’s digital world, video has become a critical component in any integrated campaign. We combine our marketing expertise with artistic vision that will engage your audience and leave an indelible impression.


Craig Westerson

With a degree in photography, 25 years of studio and location shooting experience and a nick-name of “McGyver”, Craig combines the art of photography with the latest technologies then adds his own blend of tips and tricks to bring your products to life.

Chris Kasianczuk

Videographer, Video Editing, Animation
A transplant from the Windy City with a degree in design from Columbia College in Chicago, Chris is passionate about visual communication and uses photography and video to share your brand story.

Jeff Bigelow

Photo Retouching
A manipulation magician, Jeff can make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear. No challenge is too great. Good is never good enough. And he understands well the delicate balance of technical skills and artistic expression required to deliver an exceptional photo.


A few fun facts about working with ICG Photography
We barbeque lunch for our clients at least twice a month. Yum!
Our manipulation magician works his retouching magic right in our studio.
Craig, our photographer, is a master brewer, with his own “St Crispin’s” brand.
Craig built a complete kitchen set in the studio to shoot video and stills, then we shipped it to Chicago as our client’s booth for the International Home and Housewares Show.
If you are a client of ICG Photography, you’ll have an automatic invitation to our annual Pre-Thanksgiving feast.
Our love for all things food is only exceeded by our love of beautiful photography.
We shoot anything that fits through our door, and it’s a big door.

Craig Unfiltered

"I’m an eclectic guy. So I’ll be talking about photography, both work and art, homebrewing, beekeeping, winemaking, travel, and especially general nonsense."



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